Arnica and lavender Salve

Arnica and Lavender Salve 1.5 oz- Available Now!


About the Product 100% NATURAL PRODUCT: made just with organic ingredients, and does not contain preservatives RELIEFS muscle pain, sore skin, bruises, inflammation because of the natural property of the ingredients USED DURING FERTILITY TREATMENTS: it is natural and contains ingredients embryo-safe BEST FORMULA: with a combination of natural products targeted to heal and relieve GREAT FOR ALMOST EVERYTHING: it is true Arnica combined with infused oils can heal almost anything


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Arnica and Lavender Salve:
Lavender is one of the best remedies for burns, stings, cuts, and irritated skin, thanks to its antibacterial properties. It is also a beautiful and pleasant scent and soothing herb. it calms anxiety, tension, insomnia, headaches, and acts as a mood booster.I recommend to use the arnica lavender salve for patients having stress and anxiety, as it contains pure essence lavender oil that will soon alleviate the symptoms.

Is also a great circulatory stimulant, immune stimulant, and useful for mood swings associated with mood imbalance sometimes caused by the use of hormones when the patient undergoes controlled hormonal stimulation to prepare for the egg retrieval.It also has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antimicrobial, and skin regenerative properties.
This arnica salve can also be used in pimples and breakouts, as well as the arnica properties itself.

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Important Information Indications Bruises, painful areas, headaches, migraines, soar muscles, inflammation, injuries and sprains. Ingredients Arnica montana, chamomile herbal-infused oil, beeswax, base soybean oil, argan oil, pure essential oil (Lavender or Eucalyptus), vitamin E. Directions Apply generously into the affected area and massage delicately until completely absorbed.
Product Description Arnica creams are known as the "miraculous workers", because they are great for almost everything. Bruises, burns, inflammations, cracked skin, scratches, pains. Fertility Spa has created this amazing formula for fertility patients, and every other patient looking for relief before, during, and after their fertility procedure. We all know fertility clinics can be strict when it comes to the use of fragrance free, embryo-friendly, and non-interference lotions, creams, oils during their procedure. We have tested these creams to be used safely, and providing patients with immediate reliefs of any of the symptoms present during their procedure. Although it is not recommended to use it the day of the egg retrieval. We have also tested our products on other patients with Cancer receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy and they work wonders in relieving and reducing their anxiety and stress, and side effects like bruises, swelling, headaches and migraines because of the many benefits of the pure concentrated essences, and the base oils. Our Arnica Salve comes in two great fragrances, both with several advantages: Lavender and Eucalyptus. Our best sellers so far. Arnica Salves are safe to used. The ingredients used are 100% organic. It does not contain artificial preservatives. Fertility Spa has a range of natural products created specially for our patient's needs. Our body creams, body oils, and face creams are naturally formulated for any type of skin. With essential oils that will immediately provide benefits. This arnica salve can be used for massages, and will provide immediate moisture to the skin and tired feet. Please avoid to use the cream on broken skin or open wounds. Allergic reactions with the use of arnica are very rare, in case you observe any discomfort please consult your doctor. We are animal friendly, none of our products have used animals for testing.